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LittleLMS is a simple and powerful web service which allows any organisation to manage the setup, the attendance tracking and the costs of instructor-led training courses delivered internally or externally.

Why people love LittleLMS?
Business owners and
financial directors
Training coordinators love LittleLMS because it does all the work for them: courses and sessions planning, attendance and feedback tracking. Business managers and financial directors love LittleLMS because it is always possible to know the time and budget already invested in training. IT teams love LittleLMS because there is nothing new to install or manage on their network since it is a web-based tool, with cool monitoring features.
(And also because most of the work is done by the users themselves, actually...) (And also because LittleLMS costs only USD 5 per user per month for a 100-user site...) (And also because they can still import and export anything at any time...)
Why people use LittleLMS?
  • Users take development in their own hands: they can decide the courses they want or need to take
  • Managers or supervisors develop their team: they can review attendance and assign courses
  • Self-service features: users handle their own administrative work without back-office assistance
  • Immediate cost control: organisations monitor invested time and budget in training
  • Open or closed access: allow anyone to register or limit activities to your organisation only
  • Training sessions administration made easy: mass edit, remind users, track costs, check feedback
  • Simple interface, natural navigation, fast access: users actually use the system
  • Nothing to install: accessible from anywhere with any device at anytime
  • Make it your own: change wording, currencies, colors, logos, mail messages and many others settings
  • Export, import: share with others, run analysis, import from existing HR systems
Where people use LittleLMS?
In small and medium companies because you know that people development is important for the success of your company and because you also have limited resources. LittleLMS saves your HR team and all your employee hours of administrative tasks.
With large internal department because when you need to quickly organise a series of training classes on a special topic for your internal colleagues and people outside your organisation, LittleLMS makes the link and joins all users in a managed pool.
In back-office administration because LittleLMS automates all recurrent tasks like registrations or cancellations, sending reminder emails or tracking responses. So easy that it could be handled by an intern or an employee working remotely.
With groups and association because when you run a local community, mails and paper are difficult to manage and can be replaced by a simple web-based tracking system like LittleLMS. No need for dedicated servers or expensive software, any internet browser will just work fine.
As trainers and consultants because you can interact with your customers and make yourself indispensable. Publish your courses, advertise sessions, track registrations and manage all your back-office in a few mouse clicks.
LittleLMS is a service provided by
shakok sàrl, an LLC registered in Switzerland.